Boy spanks boy

Miguel Santos steps in for his first spanking session with the master of, Jeff Sterne. Miguel’s perfect ass is warmed up before his boxers are pulled down, and then he’s given a real hand and paddle treatment. Getting swatted hurts so good for Miguel, so much so that he comes back a week later for a second hard spanking session.

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Gay ass strapping

Kristjan hasn’t been allowed more than a couple of hours of sleep since I invited paying customers to come and have a piece of him, in between abusing him myself. The knock on the door signals the beginning of yet another relentless session prostituting himself to satisfy the lust of some pervy old man. What nasty little fetish will Kristjan have to degrade himself for today?

The punter demands doggy training. This fat old perv wants to watch a beautiful young boy tied on all fours and paraded around the room, before being given a big meaty ‘bone’. With pleasure.
I drag Kristjan into ‘display’ position and let the lecherous man run his hands all up and down the shaking lad’s smooth, firm body. Kristjan glares sulkily at the wall while his cock is groped, his nipples painfully tweaked, his arse inspected, his pants pulled roughly down. I make Kristjan open his mouth, slide my tongue in and kiss him, making him look utterly unhappy and ashamed. It’s delicious.

After tying Kristjan’s arms and legs into stumpy little dog legs, trapping hapless teenager on all fours, the sleazy punter watches in approval as I ram a vibrating dildo up the boy’s arse, making him grunt in pain. The grinning punter fastens a collar aroung Kristjan’s neck and begins putting his new pet through its paces.

In full bondage, his arse painfully stimulated, and being dragged around by his neck, Kristjan has no choice but to miserably hobble round the room on his knees and elbows, at the punter’s heels. Kristjan’s arse waggles seductively as he tries to keep up with his master, and I hover nearby with a punishment strap, ready to provide stinging motivation if the little dog boy doesn’t obey every command.

But I’m a harsh taskmaster, and I demand no less than 100% customer satisfaction. Kristjan lets the butt-tail slip out slightly… this boy clearly needs to be taught a lesson. I shove the dildo viciously deep into his guts, eliciting a howl of pain, and then unleash my rampant hard cock.
The punter watches in approval as I order Kristjan to get his tongue out and lick my erection, the vibrator still buzzing away in his arse. Kristjan cringes in disgust as he tastes my bitter pre-cum, but I don’t care – I continue to bark orders for his reluctant mouth to serve me, and the punter grabs the strap and thrashes Kristjan when he fails to suck my dick properly.

It’s all Kristjan can do to keep the cock in his mouth and not pull away to squeal in agony. The punter rains down blow after blow of the heavy strap, as Kristjan desperately tries to please me. I order the boy to gag on my dick, to get his own head deep on my cock and sink his lips all the way down to my pubes. A few agonisingly hard blows from the leather soon have Kristjan swallowing my erection to the hilt, his eyes full of tears from the pain and choking.

With the brutal beating and his throat fucked raw, it’s probably a relief for Kristjan to have his mouth wrenched open and a slimy load of hot cum deposited inside. From now on, this is the most he can ever hope for.

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Men spanking boy

You know how the saying goes, “While the cats away…” Well our mice have been having a little too much fun, so Jeff Sterne is back, and he is ready to take these twinks back to the disciplined ways they’ve be away from for too long. The naughtiest twink of all, Dustin Reeves, is the first to be put back in his place. Dustin is reminded that Sterne doesn’t fuck around, though he’ll fuck and spank your boy butt until it’s bright red, used and abused.

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TonOnline – Spanking

tononline spanking

…This Sunday morning I wanted to feel as a real bad boy. I had a strong desire to be spanked by Master. A friend of mine agreed to participate in my fetish games. Watch my friend spanking my smooth ass by paddle and fingering my asshole at the end of this video.

ton online spanking

Ton Online Spanking – Download FULL HD Video Now

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Boy fetish central – wooden paddle spanking

This nice round tight ass is about to be destroyed by a thick wooden paddle with holes drilled into it. This twink has a ton of thoughts running through his head as that paddle comes whistling down to deliver the first of many hard swats on his ass. It doesn`t take long before that fine ass is covered in a bright red sheen and this twink can definitely feel the burn as his ass is beaten again and again with that huge wooden paddle.

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St. Samuel’s – Twink Academy

Disciplinary infractions and any resulting punishments

Twink Academy

Even in well ordered societies such as the Academy, there will inevitably be occasions when firm discipline is required. The unique St Samuel’s educational philosophy stresses, however, that physical punishment alone is frequently insufficient. If bad behaviour derives from psychological roots, then psychologically challenging remedies must, we believe, be employed to counter it.

Each Academy campus holds to the principle that discipline should be fair but firm. As followers of the English public school tradition, we entrust discipline to both teachers and a small number of our more responsible pupils who are appointed as prefects.

Pupils are regularly disciplined for poor quality work, lack of effort or misbehaviour. The St Samuel’s philosophy is that discipline should be imposed swiftly and effectively.

It almost invariably, therefore, takes the form of immediate corporal punishment that may involve the use of a cane or the hand (a helping hand to boys in need) at the Academy’s discretion.


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Perverted Spanking

… I like to be enslaved and punished and have a friend that loves to give orders and is, how shall I say, somewhat ‘brutal’ if his orders are not carried out exactly and to the letter. Sometimes he cheats a little and after I’ve done exactly as I was told he says that he told me to do something different…

perverted spanking

perverted spanking 2

From Perverted Spanking Gallery By Perverted Spanking

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Spanking implements – Tawse

A tawse is a typically Scottish implement for physical punishment, called tawsing after it, that was often used for educational discipline instead of the English cane (which, like the horse crop, was however used in private schools, usually on bare bottoms or the hands).

It consists of a thick, relatively hard piece of leather, often made by a saddler, rather like a prison strap, that splits into two, three or sometimes more parallel tails. Confusingly it was frequently called ‘the belt’. The solid products of the best-known producer, Lochgelly, became a household name, feared by punishees; hence also spelled without a capital L.
It was long quite common, also in state schools, to chastise Scottish pupil’s bottoms and legs with it, and it was not unusual for recipients to attempt relieving the burning sensation by pressing their posterior against a cooling stane (large piece of natural stone)- in fact such ‘disrespectful’ use of tombstones nearby schools was, if found out, say by the dominie of the kirk, sometimes punished with another spanking. For serious offenses headmasters often gave a terrifying tawsing in school assembly, preferably on the bare buttocks; a 1968 teacher’s code banned its use for spanking. However for common offenses it was applied on the hands in class, and apparently far more frequently than in English schools: even in the 20th century most Scottish pupils felt it and many even more than once a month.
Since the EU-ordered ban on all corporal punishment in the UK, it survives mainly in BDSM and corporal punishment scenes in the UK (especially in Scotland where there exist several private clubs where the tawse is used in corporal punishment play).

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A Belt Spanking

… Lis got angry when Igor suddenly started being resistent, so thats why he hit him double hard. Igor tried to scream because he was confused by Lis’s actions, but Lis told him to be silent and spanked his ass until it turned red …

a belt spanking

a belt spanking 2

From A Belt Spanking Gallery By Spankzilla

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Spanking implements – Switch (rod)

A switch is a flexible rod, typically used for corporal punishment of the birching type, called switching after it, especially when using a single branch: multiple branches are rather called a rod, a less flexible single rod is rather called a cane, an inflexible one a stick; a paddle is broader but hard and flattened.

It makes an ominous ’swoosh’ sound, rather like a whip, and can be agitated up and down quickly, so the lashes can rain down on the victim, who is usually a spankee, mostly bare bottom so it can ‘bite’ the skin. While young children usually suffer it over the knee (or rather the lap), it can be more painful if the discipliner makes more elbow-room by ordering the punishee to lie or bend over an object, which can, especially if standing, increase the humiliation by exposing the genitals.

Switches are most efficient (i.e. painful and durable) if made of a strong but flexible type of wood, such as hazel (also use for a very severe birch) or hickory (see hickory stick; as the use of their names for disciplinary implements, without specification, and as verbs for lashing, indicates, birch and willow branches are time-honoured favorites, but branches from most strong trees and large shrubs can be used, often simply nearby from a garden, an orchard or the wild.

Making a switch is simply called cutting, as it only involves cutting it from the stem and removing twigs or directly attached leaves as those would lessen its sting (hence deliberately left on for sauna use). For optimal flexibility it is cut fresh shortly before use, rather than keeping it for re-use over considerable time.

Parents in the United States (where the wider paddle is the most common spanking implement) are reputed to threaten disobedient children with gifts of utilitarian coal and switches for Christmas should they not reform their behavior, although the actual practice of this is rare to the vanishing point, especially as most people live in urban areas where less suitable wood is easily at hand for the old-fashioned woodshed treatment and most modern educators consider such severe physical discipline cruel and it is often banned by law as child abuse.

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