Spanking implements – Cane (caning)

A cane is a long, straight wooden stick, generally of bamboo, Malacca (rattan), or some similar plant, mainly used as a support, such as a walking stick or as an instrument of punishment. Rattan canes especially are used to beat someone, generally on the buttocks or the palm of the hand, as a form of physical punishment, (often as a severe spanking, like a paddling) specifically known as caning, both domestic and judicial, and traditional in various cultures, notably England and many nations of the Commonwealth.

Caning is a physical punishment consisting of a beating with a cane, generally applied on the bare or clad buttocks, hand(s) (palm, rarely knuckles) or even the soles of the feet.
It was a common punishment in many parts of Asia and throughout Europe and North America and several colonies in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, but has now been banned in most countries. It is often considered a cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment as meant by the United Nations Convention Against Torture, but remains legal in numerous nations.

Rattan Cane
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